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There are numerous private campgrounds located throughout the state of Indiana. Like public campgrounds, our intent is not to list and provide links to all private campgrounds. And like public campgrounds, private campgrounds that we link to must meet certain criteria that should ensure a rewarding camping experience for all involved.

Hidden Creek Campground
1812 North State Road19
Peru, Indiana

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  • Private CampgroundsThese are defined as campgrounds that offer camping facilities on only a seasonal basis or a yearly basis, but not to overnight or short-term campers.


The following includes our basic criteria that private campgrounds must offer to prospective members:

  • Family-friendly, including children and pets
  • Playground area for children
  • Full hook-up availability
  • On-site dump station
  • Secure entrance to campground facility
  • Internet log-in page for members
  • Rules and policy agreements.

This basic criteria must be listed on an Internet website and available for all to read, including the general public.


Before deciding to reserve a private campsite, we encourage visitors to RVs and Tents to consider all of the amenities offered at the campgrounds we list. There will be differences, and these differences could go a long way towards making your camping season an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The following “optional extras” might be found at the campgrounds or listed on their website, and could be an important part of the decision-making process.

  • Swimming pool and/or swimming lake
  • 30-50 amp electrical supply
  • WiFi availability
  • Clean restroom and shower facilities
  • Camp store with various camping supplies
  • Firewood and ice availability
  • Planned social activities
  • Picnic table and fire ring for each campsite.


There is much truth to the old idiom “a picture is worth a thousand words”.​​ In our opinion, the more photos of the campground facilities, the better.

There is no reason to spend time and money to check out private campgrounds only to be disappointed by the results. Generally, it is not enough to show scenic, outdoor photos of the surroundings on the website. Campgrounds that include photos of actual campsites are helpful for all parties involved.

If seasonal camping at a private campground is your choice, we hope it offers many, many happy times and memories.

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